Messer Magazin welcomes Tom Fleury Coutellerie

Messer Magazin hosts Tom Fleury Coutellerie between its pages

On January 20th 2017, German saw Tom Fleury Coutellerie’s folding knives in the monthly magazin Messer Magazin. Indeed, on page 66 and 67, readers found two folding knives : the Gold Obsession et the Dark Obsession. With its upturned blades, its cutting edge are unalterable. Originality of Gold Obsession is underlined by its golden blade and its golden handle which include watch mechanism. The Gold Obsession is nicknamed “Bling-Bling” in the article thanks to its fanciful esthetics. However, the Dark Obsession highlights a soberer esthetics with its carbon handle and its black blade. Its specifications bring it closer to a tactical knife.

Unfortunately, this limited edition is no longer in sale since the end of January 2017.

This pressarticle allows Tom Fleury Coutellerie to share its realisations abroad before its arrival for IWA Outdoor Classics show. It will be settle in Nuremberg on March 2017.

For further informations about the magazin, click here.


Author: LA TEAM

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