Tom who has a gemmology diploma and who is the 4th generation of a family of jewellers from Auvergne,  created Cristallium in the years 2000. He has worked for well-known French jewellers and has widen the range of his materials  not only to jewels but to other design objects, to spectacle trade and more.
Gradually, he extended his trade to cutlery works, and soon successfully created some original materials for famous Thiers cutlery industries.
In 2015, Many, who received a training in cutlerly by one of the Meilleur Ouvrier de France, immediately felt the new potential of Cristallium and offered his skills to Tom to work on a new collection of original knives. A woman’s vision was all that was missing to that duet, to help them conceptualized all their ideas, and so Delphine, a multi-task graphist much interested in new trends, was added to the team.

The team was born.

Based in Thiers Basin, the Team gathers its skills and brings its new vision into the cutlery industry along side with perpetuating the expertise of the Haute Coutellerie Francaise.
More than once compared to the ‘Buildeurs’ (the persons who prepare motorcycles and cars for racing), the Team has put a lot of thoughts in choosing a knife which will be traditional as well as efficient, attractive and robust. Their final choice was the Mineur, a knife allowing mechanical modifications and a flexibility in choosing different steels and materials, which provides a perfect finishing . And that is how the Tom Fleury Coutellerie knife called the Mineur was born.
Modifications were added not only to this knife but to others, so as to create a new one, his big brother, the Majeur, with which the same expertise is used. The team is already working on new models to complete its existing stock, which will soon be added to the collection sometime in the present year.
“Our main concern and pride is that your knife will be a perfect match to your personnality, a knife that will be like you, like an addition to you like a tatoo is, a car or a motorcycle. Where your imagination stops, ours starts. Creating our knives for others is much more fun than actually owning them”.

Le Mineur, folding knife with flat system from North’s mines. Its simple and efficient line seduce the team and make them want to sublimate it. Snack knife reference, it weights nothing in the pocket, its finitions and mechanics are irreproachable, with its 12C27 steel blade, it has everything a big one has. Dimensions : open 185mm, folded 100mm. Average weight : 85g (weight variable depending to choice of used materials)

Le Majeur, Tom Fleury’s creation, freely inspired by Le Mineur’s mechanics, is a folding knife with flat system. Efficient and sharp. 14C28 steel blade, also used by international shaving brand. Ergonomic handle to be easy to pick up. Dimensions : open 215mm, folded 120mm. Average weight : 150g. (weight variable depending to choice of used materials)

poincon_blanc by Tom Fleury is a registered design under control of a guild-mastership. Known for his irreproachable quality, this folding knife reveals a purified line with a wide range of choice of blade from 14C28N steel to damascus. Tom Fleury produces a various range of materials and inclusions from Cristallium to offer you a unique knife by combining modernity and tradition.

Coming soon.

Cristallium® is an unique material conceived by Tom Fleury in 2000’s which permit to include all kind of object in an acrylic resin, real synthetic cristal named Cristallium as it is translucent and bright.
Intelligent material with exceptional property :

  • More translucent and brighter than glass. Lifetime warranty of anti-yellowing, UV and solvents resistant.
  • Superior light transmission than glass.
  • Exterior load exceptional resistant.
  • Can be repolished. Dishwasher warranty for table knives. Folding knives have to be cleaned with a soft clothes.

Cristallium stabilization :
It consist to insert transparent or dyed Cristallium in the heart of material in a vacuum chamber. The Cristallium thickens and consolidate all kind of materials. This process permit to intervene on the mechanic quality of materials and reveal their aspect.
Cristallium offers several possibilities of creations for your projects. Innovation, high quality, originality for knife’s fans or professionals. Imitation stones, new colors, tailored materials, etc…
Tom Fleury uses Cristallium to create composite materials plates used in industrial sectors of cutlery, eyewear, jewelry, contemporary furnitures and design.

The way Cristallium is made it offers a range of infinite possibilities for creations, therefore we had to make a choice among a multitude of colors available and diversity of materials that we are creating in our workshop. Stay connected and you will discover season after season our latest creations, the composition of which can be made on line. If  however it happens that you don’t find what you are looking for in our stock, you are more than welcome to contact us via email and explain exactly what you want, we will be happy to provide all information needed as soon as possible.

The models already in stock, presented in the shop tab on our website, will be sent to you within 48 hours. The models you would choose to create will be made approximatively in a period of 20 working days. As soon as we will have your order, we will send a confirmation email with the estimated time needed for your creation.
The cost of delivery will be indicated when ordering.

All your creation wishes that will reach us via email or telephone, would be treated live, you will be given an estimation of the cost, after receiving your request we will study it and see if it can be done, then after accepting our cost estimation, you will be given the time for delivery.
For metropolitan France, the delivery is free if your order exceeds 150 euros.
For delivery outside of France, delivery fees will be added to your cost.