An award for Tournament of Cutlers 2017

An award associating Rugby and Cutlery for Tournament of Cutlers 2017

During Tournament of Cutlers 2017 organised by Pays de Thiers Rugby, an award realised by Tom Fleury has been given on may, the 7th. This event gathered 400 children at Thiers’s Chastel stadium. The best team, among eight clubs presents, was awarded the trophy.

During this event, 90 volunteers were present in order to attend tournament.  People could discover knife mounting demonstration by Couteau de Tié brotherhood. In addition, Chabreloche banda accompanied rugbymen musically. Red shirts, realized for the tournament, were sold on a stand.

However, the organization warned rugbymen by showing on the shirt “Sort tes couverts… au pays de Thiers Rugby” (which is a pun between “Take out your cutlery… at country of Thiers Rugby” and “Go out covered… at country of Thiers Rugby”) but rain didn’t stop young participants.  The competition highlighted a winning team for the awarding.

tournoi des couteliers 2017The trophy represents rugby ball’s shape in Cristallium, acrylic resin of Tom Fleury Coutellerie. What’s more, the inclusion of  LE THIERS® knife by Tom Fleury in this material accentuates the association between Cutlery and Rugby. This last looks like the Brennus Shield, small wink of thiers artisan.

In fact, Thomas Fleury was Champion of France of Rugby in 1996-1997 with the sport study section of Murat. So, it was a pleasure to realize this trophy for the futur generation of rugbymen.

This award was given to Roanne club. The first laureate of Jean-Gozard Challenge, praised for their fair play by l’Amicale du Tournoi des VI Nations, is decerned to Bailleul team. Congratulations to the winner and congratulations to all participants.  Moreover, we hope that this victory will have repercussions on matchs of the next week-end for our yellow and blue.

Therefore, the success of the tournament’s first edition has attracted interest for medias. Indeed, two press articles has been published by La Montagne (before and after the event). La Gazette has also published an interview of Béatrice Issard, secreatary general of Thiers club.


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